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Presentation slides: Software release and version planning – A decision‐centric approach - Guenther Ruhe, University of Calgary, Canada

Evidence-based Decision-Support in Software Engineering

In Software Engineering (SE), many different areas for decision-making can be found along the software life cycle. Five major areas of decision-making research is progressing in SE, i.e. requirements, architecture and design, adaptive and corrective maintenance, project planning and control, and verification and validation. A major role of experimental software engineering research is to provide decision-makers in software development with the type of evidence that they need to support informed decision-making when introducing new methods, techniques, and tools (technologies). Systematically selecting appropriate technologies requires the identification of alternatives that, based on currently existing empirical evidence , promise to be most appropriate for the business or project goals in the context of a specific organization.

Learning Objectives:

The goal of the International Advanced School on Empirical Software Engineering (IASESE) is to provide attendees with the opportunity to learn and practice advanced empirical software engineering techniques from leaders in the empirical software engineering community. The course is aimed at researchers interested in deepening their knowledge and skills in empirical research applied to various aspects of software development. The structure of the presentations and mini-tutorials will be as follows:

  • Introduction into evidence-based decision-making in software development
  • Decision-making in product management
  • Decision-making in project management
  • Decision-making in quality management

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in evidence-based software engineering, especially decision-making.

What Will Participants Take Away?

Participants in this year's school will learn about the state of the art in evidence-based decision-making related to different dimensions of software development.



The International Advanced School of Empirical Software Engineering 2011 will be presented by:

Andreas Jedlitschka
Andreas Jedlitschka
Fraunhofer IESE
Dietmar Pfahl
Dietmar Pfahl
University of Lund